Shipping to China

Below is the shipping cost and information for getting charts from Pakistan to China.

1: Delivered via Cargo Mode

Chart Quantity Shipping Time Shipping Cost PKR Tracking Available
1-3 12-18 Days 8,200 After 5 Days
4-6 12-18 Days 11,700 After 5 Days
7-10 12-18 Days 14,700 After 5 Days
11-15 12-18 Days 15,700 After 5 Days
16-20 12-18 Days 17,600 After 5 Days


NOTE: If you're from any country other than Pakistan, the UK, and the USA maybe you have to pay customs duty (VAT) separately to your country's government when the parcel reaches you. We suggest you buy more charts with your friends and family to save more discount on charts and shipping charges.

No code is required to get the discount as you increase the number of charts the discount will be automatically applied to you at checkout.

Buy more and save up to 35% 

Chart Quantity Discounted Price Payment Options
1 Price 4,999 Rupees Bank Transfer
2 Get 10% Off. That's 4,500 per chart. Bank Transfer
3 Get 20% Off. That's 4,000 per chart. Bank Transfer
10+ Get 35% Off. That's 3,250 per chart. Bank Transfer