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Shipping Policies

Can I get a digital version of a chart?

No. We do not sell or give out PDFs or any other electronic versions of our charts. No exceptions.

Can you send the frame along with the chart?

We cannot ship the frame with the chart as it is fragile and has a high chance of breaking during shipping and the shipping charges are high due to the high volume of frame.

What is the size of the chart and how can I frame it?

The chart size is 24 x 36 inches (2 Feet width 3 Feet length). Frames of this size are easily available from a framing shop in the local market.

Do you have charts other than the Family Tree of Islamic Prophets?

Right now, we only have this one chart. Creating these charts takes a lot of effort and time in research and graphic designing. Our team is making more Islamic charts for you which you will be able to get from our website after a few months.

Are the charts laminated?

No, However, we use Premium RC (Resin-coated) Photo Luster Paper 260 GSM. The paper base of resin-coated papers is sealed by two polyethylene layers, making it impenetrable to liquids.

How is the quality of your charts?

The quality of the chart depends on two things, first is the paper and second is the ink. The paper we use is very thick, strong, and water-resistant. To print these charts, we procure branded ink from Japan which is 25 times more expensive than local market ink.

Do you offer special discounts?

Yes, but discounts are based on quantity only. All customers automatically get 10-35% off when they buy more than one chart.